Legislative Opportunities

We can change Montana law to save lives.  Here are some strategies:

  • User fee to pay for DUI prevention
  • Warrant to obtain specimen for first DUI refusal
  • Increase Boating under the Influence Penalty
  • Hold home owners/renters accountable for underage drinking parties
  • Use oral fluid screening devices to test drivers for driving under the influence of drugs
  • Lower perse limit for THC, especially when combined with alcohol
  • Require courts to monitor compliance with court ordered treatment after conviction for DUI
  • Underage drinkers are underage drivers; toughen MIP penaties to keep kids from driving drunk
  • Kids who drive drunk pay small fine and keep on driving; toughen penalites
  • Require alcohol ignition interlock device (or equivalent) for every convicted drunk driver  MADD Ignition interlock research
  • Improve use of interlocks by closing loopholes in licensing law
  • Expand penalty for failure to appear on DUI offenses
  • Require treatment and monitoring if convicted of Negligent Vehicular Assault and Negligent Vehicular Homicide
  • Require healthcare providers to report impaired drivers to DMV
  • Change vehicle seizure statute to seize vehicle used in DUI